Valve Industry

Valve Industry

Valving of a Project, System or Piping is a quite complex

subject eliciting knowledge on simple to multi-dimensional aspects of flow control solutions, and is provided by experts in the field. Over the years, from primitive days to the modern days of technological ingress, technology of Valving has undergone dramatic changes involving advent of material science and information technology. This has resulted in umpteen number of Valve models, Trim designs and Actuation options.

The spurt in consumption in almost every facet of human need whether it is Food, Drug, Power, Fuel, Plastic, Metals, Materials of construction or consumer durables has triggered exploitation of earthly wealth.

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Emerging Trends in Valve Industry

  • Globalization - Valve manufacturing in the Developing Countries on the rise.
  • Product Mix
  • Product Development - Large investments for technology acquisition & product design
  • Information Technology - Leverage the power of IT to reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • e-Engineering Expertise - Value Engineering services during design phase
  • Application Support - Valve Selection based on application
  • Integrated Engineering Services - Generate list of valves based on P&I Diagrams

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