Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Building a strong supply chain strategy

Through capacity assessment & process improvement is a core task at PRIMOX in which we have enormous experience & knowledge which helps our customers to get their products at the specific time they need.

Primox always strive to make the transaction hassle free. To meet customers’ expectations on time and every time, Primox have developed a set of strategy as listed below.

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Our Supply Chain Strategy

  • Leverage and rationalize worldwide strategic sourcing to improve responsiveness and quality while lowering total cost of material/product Acquisition.
  • Expand and enrich supplier relationships by incorporating them into the Supply chain as partners.
  • Implement LEAN throughout the entire supply chain. Minimize inventory, drive on turns.
  • Focus on value addition to customer.
  • Concentrate and develop regional core competencies.
  • Simplify planning/forecasting – segmentation strategy-runners/strangers, high/low value.
  • Reduce total shipping costs – 3PL/4PL, consolidation of kits, shipments.
  • Quality, Cost and on time delivery are the 3 main attributes to satisfy and retain a customer.
  • The technical delivery condition of valve parts, subassemblies and assemblies of products, reference standards are strictly practiced which will ensure product Quality.
  • Prevailing rates on various products, optimum product realization, etc. are analysed which ensures a competitive price.
  • By analysing the Market trends and defining the cycle time of production for each type of product we can be assured of on time delivery of the product.

How we work forward

  • Strengthen supply chain through capacity assessment & process improvement.
  • Risk assessment & Compliance validation at various stages of supply chain.
  • Knowledge & skill enhancement of manpower engaged.
  • Greater awareness about quality and compliance needs.
  • Upgrade testing arrangement - online monitoring.
  • Cost control through standardization and enhanced productivity.
  • Developing capabilities for EC Directives..
  • Establishment of manufacturing hub in countries around the globe.
  • Evolving a common standard for vendor assessment and supply chain integrity.

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